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Our Story

Growing up in New Jersey, we spent our summers at the shore surfing the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Waves are filled with power and strength, and yet the sound of waves crashing onto the shore is peaceful and calming. The ripple effect created by waves can be felt for miles. We’ve named our organization Waves of Welldoing in the hopes of using our community’s collective strength to provide for those in need, and bring serenity to families far and wide, 

In March of 2020, as the pandemic quarantine started, our mother received a text message informing her that local food pantries were in dire need of food items and that the problem would only get worse with everyone locked up at home. We knew we had to find a way to help. The thought of families in our community going hungry while we had the means to provide for others drove us to take action.  We decided to launch a food drive by partnering with the Northeast Neighborhood Food Pantry.  Keeping in mind the need for all of us to stay safe, we created a contactless pick up option for our donors and collected over 1,500 food items during our first food drive.  Today, we continue to run a monthly food drive and other initiatives to help local charities.

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Mia and Madison Naman

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